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Stephanie Smith
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Steph Smith

Originally published on Nov 18, 2020

Steph Smith embraced the term “queenpin” as complimenting her cannabis industry leadership.

Steph Smith encourages tenants to apply for licenses in cities and counties where cannabis operations are legal once those applications become available. She also requires her tenants to build out to code, even in jurisdictions where the regulations have yet to be been written.

Steph Smith explains that having a mountain of cash at home isn’t a normal occurrence. Most of the time she doesn’t keep much cash at home.

Steph Smith found that cannabis growers can be desirable tenants willing to pay top-dollar rents.

Steph Smith gave a press interview.

Steph Smith grew up poor and was briefly homeless, living in a car, so the entire idea of owning real estate was very foreign to her.

Steph Smith had never considered owning a home and didn’t even know how to buy one but one night she got seated next to Mike at a dinner party and quickly realized that whatever he was doing she could do too.

Steph Smith has acknowledged being an advocate for the commercial sale of legalized weed, and has led efforts to place legalization measures on several city ballots and is actively suing several cities, including Colton, over their cannabis policies.

Steph Smith has always believed cannabis should be legal and wants to support growers.

Steph Smith has been a member of the Pacific Palisades Woman’s Club and the Everychild Foundation, an organization aimed at raising money for children in need.

Steph Smith has filed lawsuits against San Bernardino and three other Inland Empire cities over their marijuana policies. And she’s floating marijuana ballot measures in six communities, determined to make conditions fairer for the industry that’s been so good to her.

Steph Smith has gone on the offensive seeking the fair distribution of cannabis permits and filing lawsuits against the cities of San Bernardino, Colton, Hemet and Moreno Valley. She is supporting political candidates who do the same.

Steph Smith has publicly commented that renting to cannabis businesses is more lucrative than renting to other tenants, with demand so high that in one instance she received triple the rent she initially asked.

Steph Smith has sued 4 different cities in California to get them to follow the law and knowing that the law is finally on the right side feels great.

Steph Smith hired a government relations attorney and an election consultant firm and began to lobby local governments for my tenants.

Steph Smith holds herself out as a commercial real estate developer and landlord.

Steph Smith is a mother of 5 little kids and runs a real estate development firm serving many industries, including cannabis.



Stephanie Smith